SEBC Building, Pest and Pool Inspection Brisbane Queensland




What's included in a building and pest report?

Our building and pest report includes a building report, pest inspection report and a findings area in easy-to-understand English.


What is the turn around time associated with your inspections?

Once we have inspected your pool or property, you will received the findings of our inspection within XX business days.


What happens after I book an appointment online?

Once you submit our online booking form, we will contact you in order to arrange the most suitable date and time to come and complete the inspection.


How long do building inspection reports last?

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Can I rescind my contract based on your findings?

Our condition reports are in accordance with current Australian Standards and recognised by real estate agents and solicitors. Provided you have special conditions in your contract, the condition report is known as proof.


Do all pools need a Pool Safety Inspection & Certificate?

According to Queensland Law, this is only a requirement when properties are sold or leased.  

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